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Kodiak MemCloud™ is the highest performance hosted cloud service on the planet and amazingly gets your clusters running in minutes.
Data Scientists can provision their own high performance clusters quickly and cost effectively without waiting for IT. IT can service more users, avoiding the cost of cluster sprawl. Dev/Ops can deploy and manage many clusters across Dev, Test and Ops.

ClickHouse by Altinity

ClickHouse by Altinity

Altinity is the leading service provider for ClickHouse - an open-source column-store Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) analytic DBMS - the cutting edge technology for managing and analyzing extremely large volumes of data.

ClickHouse has been designed for the speed and scalability. It is extremely fast in loading and querying huge amounts of data, and linearly scalable both vertically and horizontally.

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Simple, Fast, Affordable and Purpose-Built for Big Data

Professional Support

We provide different support plans to make ClickHouse operations easy and flawless. That includes Level 3 support and 24x7 Level 1 support.

Private Cloud

Our data-optimized private clouds deliver on the promise of the public cloud’s agility, with even greater simplicity and flexibility combined with much lower costs.

Low Cost

Our pricing is simple! High speed MemCloud plans start at $100 per week. These are simple, all-inclusive tiers, so you know your costs up front.


MemCloud uses the latest and most-effective cloud security techniques:

  • Administrative access is via encrypted VPN
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is available as an option
  • Nodes are administered via SSH using customer-defined keys
  • Internet access via a customer-defined security filter of IP addresses & TCP/UDP ports
  • Data-at-rest is encrypted so that SSDs can be replaced without data leakage
  • Data Centers are protected with 24 hour security, access controls and cabinets keys

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